Nutshell filters (NSF) serve as the final polishing step to reduce oil and solids concentration to low levels to meet disposal requirements or have the produced water ready for well re-injection.

Nutshell Filters (NSF)

The PEMTEC nutshell filter is a down-flow, deep bed medial filter. Nutshell filters are named so due to the nutshell media that is used within them. Walnut and pecan shell possesses many unique qualities such as high oil retention, making it an optimum media for the final treatment of produced Water. NSF will captures the free oil droplets and suspended solids, and is capable of removing 95-98% of oil droplets greater than 5 microns and offer comparable solids separation.

Depending on the objective of the separation, being oil, solids or both, a specific type of media will be selected for your application to optimise the oil absorption and also the resistance to attrition. In all cases the nutshell filter serves as the tertiary treatment of choice to reduce oil and solids concentration of Produced Water Treatments.

Nutshell filters comprise of a bed of media with retaining screens as well as a recirculator and a scrubber screen. During the filtration cycle, the Produced water flows down through the nutshell media. Suspended solids are trapped in the voidage between media grains while surface chemistry dictates the attraction of oil onto the media. Once a day, the media bed will require regeneration by backwashing during which time, the oil and solids are scrubbed from the nutshell media.

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