Our Approach

Pemtec provides specialist process engineering designs and supplies specialist separation internals for the treatment of Produced Water.

The clean-up of Produced Water is focused on the removal of oil and solids so that the water can be sent for disposal or re-use. This can include the removal of impurities such as solids, free-oil, BTEX and H2S.

The Design will be tailored to your requirements, taking into account local regulations, target residual oil and solids as well as your location; onshore or offshore and space constraints.

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Separators Internals

Internals for 2 and 3 Phase separators to optimize the separation of oil, gas, water and solids.

Sand Removal

Desanding Hydrocyclones are used to remove solids from water or gas streams.

Primary Separation

Providing the bulk separation of oil in water for the Produced Water Treatment by the use of Deoiling Hydrocyclones or CPI.

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Secondary Separation

Following the initial bulk removal, the secondary separation is based on flotation technology.

Tertiary Separation

Nutshell filters serve as the final polishing step to reduce oil and solids concentration to very low levels.

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H2S Stripping

H2S is a typical component of sour water from the upstream facilities which needs to be removed.







Water Separation

Our Process

Our team will design a bespoke engineered solution to meet your requirements using the following array of technologies at our disposal:

  • Wellhead Desanders, Separator Sand removal, Desanding hydrocyclones and sand washing
  • 2/3 Phase Separators with inlet devices, plate pack and sand removal
  • Produced Water treatment:
    • Primary Treatment for the removal of bulk oil and solids with deoiling hydrocyclones or CPI
    • Secondary Treatment for mid-size oil and fine solids with various flotation units (ISF / IGF / CFU / DAF)
    • Tertiary Treatment with Nutshell Filter or alternative media filter to guarantee a low oil in water and TSS
  • H2S removal by stripping with fuel gas or steam
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