The world is changing and we need to adapt.

The Oil and Gas industry is known for its fair share of ups and downs over the years and we have all know to surf the wave and tighten our belt when needed.
The current pandemic will affect our industry quite significantly as it is clear that the over-production is global. The need for cheap oil and gas will resume but the investment in green field projects will slow down and the need for maintaining, revamping and improving production will increase.

With the current production, Produced Water cuts will only increase and it is important to provide affordable designs and solutions for customers who need to operate their fields and maintain production.

With our experience, Pemtec Ltd has decided to position itself to serve the upstream industry and provide affordable design and specialist internals alongside process guarantee. This allows our customers to select their own fabrication yard and we will assist them with their process and design needs.

Produced Water Treatment:

  • 2/3 Phase Separators
  • Primary Treatment for the removal of bulk oil and solids with: deoiling hydrocyclones, desanding hydrocyclones, CPI
  • Secondary Treatment for mid-size oil and fine solids: ISF / IGF / CFU / DAF
  • Tertiary Treatment with Nutshell media to guarantee a low oil in water and solids carry over to your clean produced water