This stage will typically reduce oil in water (OIW) from 500-2000 ppm down to < 50 ppm by the use of Deoiling Hydrocyclones.

The CPI deoiling hydroclone will remove oil and solids to similar levels but will require a larger footprint and it is therefore generally only suitable for onshore applications.

Deoiling Hydrocyclones

The Pemtec deoiling hydrocyclone has been designed with optimum geometry to generate gravity force in excess of 1000G and will allow the separation of free oil from water without shearing of the oil droplets.

The water phase, with a higher specific gravity, will be subjected to higher centrifugal forces, moving it to the outer wall of the cyclone whilst the lighter oil phase is displaced towards the inner core of the cyclone.

By maintaining a balanced differential pressure between the overflow and underflow, the oil core is forced out through the overflow outlet.
A typical oil reject flow is approximately 2-3% of the total inlet flow.

CPI Separator

The PEMTEC CPI (Corrugated Plate Interceptor) is a high efficiency gravity separator used for removing free oil and suspended solids from contaminated water streams.

CPI Separators have been widely used as a primary treatment step for produced water, rain water run-off and plant washdown treatments.

The CPI operates as a two-step process; firstly, the influent water, containing free oil and suspended solids, passes through a primary coalescer to increase the collision between the suspended oil droplets. When the oil droplets collide they group together to form larger droplets (coalesce). A similar effect is experienced by the suspended solids whereby they collide and form an agglomerated particle that is larger in size.

After the initial coalescer phase, the water enters the tilted corrugated plates which guide the oil droplets to the top of the vessel and suspended solids to the bottom.

Oil is temporarily discharged at the top of the vessel and the solids are stored at the bottom of the vessel and periodically discharged. The clean water flows over the water weir and through the outlet nozzle.

Deoiling CPI Plate Pack

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