Deoiling Hydrocyclone liners installed and skid completed by the package integrator!

PEMTEC supplied process design and internals for this Deoiling Hydrocyclone package to remove bulk oil from Produced Water.

Those liners were installed in a 30″ vessel and are now operating offshore Caspian sea.

The Pemtec deoiling hydrocyclone is part of our product portfolio for Primary Separation. This hydrocyclone has been designed with optimum geometry to generate gravity force in excess of 1000G and will allow the separation of free oil from water without shearing of the oil droplets.

We manufacture Deoiling Hydrocyclone liners in SS; DSS or inconel and can hardface the inlet section to resist abrasion.

PEMTEC provides process design and internals directly to operators, EPCs, package integrator and fabricators.

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Deoiling Hydrocyclone