Expertise and Knowledge where you need it most

Welcome to Pemtec Engineering and Consultancy Services

With extensive experience in Chemical and Oil & Gas processing plant, our consultancy services specialised in developping bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.

Our expertise is in identifying and evaluating suitable technologies and/or process scheme to resolve issues in the upstream Oil & Gas sector. Our team will work with you to analyse your data, conduct site survey, and specify the technical solution that is needed.
Our knowledge of the industry and our wide ranging access to specialised technology allows us to present innovative solutions to new problems, upgrade of existing systems
and pilot testing for proof of concept.

During our years in the industries, our team has developed strong relationships with
fabricators around the world. Combining our knowledge of the industry with their expert capabilities allows us to recommend the most suitable fabrication site for your product
whilst maintaining quality, cost, delivery and safety.

Our aim is to bring together expert fabrication and manufacturing - being pressure vessels, complex skid packages and specialised technology - with skid package designers, EPC
or end users.